Sirona’s Horses & Other Animals

Toro is from Spain where he was given to Hannah for Sirona from Lucy Rees, one of our patrons. He is a handsome black Lusitano X gelding who is very sensitive and intelligent. Toro is very bold and has a talent for jumping, having jumped both over the yard gate and out of his field when there is something more interesting on the other side – the grass is always greener!




May -Chapas! - shaun deriozChapas  was also very kindly given to Hannah by Lucy Rees and came all the way from Spain. Despite being rescued from a mountain in very poor condition and with terrible scars on his nose from ill treatment he has the most positive and cheerful nature, and is quite a character, One of his party tricks is ‘sweeping’ the yard with a broom in his mouth!





Lily is on loan to us from the Mare and Foal Sanctuary near Totnes. She is an American miniature pony. Despite her small size she has a very strong character and clearly shows us what she wants.



Autumn is a 12.2hh New Forest mare on loan to us by Natalie Darling.  A sweet natured pony who is really good with children and young people, Autumn is a firm favourite with many of our participants.






Chasy is a 14hh piebald cob mare, who joined the Sirona team in the summer of 2019. She is very friendly and loves children, as well as having lots of scratches. Chasy has settled in really well and is the best of friends with Chapas.






Rupert Jones is a lovely little Dartmoor Hill pony who was found abandoned on Dartmoor and rescued by Niki Collings, who has loaned him to us. He has a lovely sweet nature, but is also still a little nervous after moving home.






Sunny is a 13hh Dartmoor hill pony who arrived at the beginning of January 22, kindly loaned to Sirona from one of our fantastic loaners Nikki Portus and her mother Margaret. Nikki has also loaned us the one and only Rupert Jones. Sunny is becoming more confident in her new surroundings and has started to make friends with the rest of our Sirona herd.





Elsie & Ginger – Our other very helpful assistants.

Elsie the lurcher is a valued member of the Sirona team. She has a lovely way with people and is always on hand to provide a warm welcome. She loves exploring in the woods  and is often accompanied by Ginger, our cat, who is our part-time pest control officer and giver of cuddles.




Our two goats: Pepper (left) is an 8 year old Toggenburg goat. She is very friendly and loves people. Billy (right) is a 1 year old Toggenburg  X Anglko Nubian goat who is vey playful. Pepper & Billy are both kindly on loan to us from Jon & Lyn Perkins and will be assisting us with our new City & Guilds Level 1 Diploma in Horse or Animal Care course