Sirona’s Horses

Toro is from Spain where he was given to Hannah for Sirona from Lucy Rees, one of our patrons. He is a handsome black Lusitano X gelding who is very sensitive and intelligent. Toro is very bold and has a talent for jumping, having jumped both over the yard gate and out of his field so Ella is hoping to take him to some jumping events in the future!’




May -Chapas! - shaun deriozChapas  was also very kindly given to Hannah by Lucy Rees and came all the way from Spain. Despite being rescued from a mountain in very poor condition and with terrible scars on his nose from ill treatment he has the most positive and cheerful nature, and is quite a character, One of his party tricks is ‘sweeping’ the yard with a broom in his mouth!





Lily is on loan to us from the Mare and Foal Sanctuary near Totnes. She is an American miniature pony. Despite her small size she has a very strong character and clearly shows us what she wants.



Autumn is a 12.2hh New Forest mare on loan to us by Natalie Darling.  A sweet natured pony who is really good with children and young people, Autumn is a firm favourite with many of our participants.






Frankie is a rescue American Miniature, on loan to us from the Mare and Foal Sanctuary. He only has one eye and can be a little anxious, but he has a very sweet nature and has taken the position as our smallest pony!






Rupert Jones is a lovely little Dartmoor Hill pony who was found abandoned on Dartmoor and rescued by Niki Collings, who has loaned him to us. He has a lovely sweet nature, but is also still a little nervous after moving home.






Mabel is a chestnut Shetland pony mare on loan to us from Rupert’s owner Nikki.
Mabel’s favourite pastime is eating.